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Before Your Surgery Checklist

A registered nurse will call you the afternoon before your scheduled surgery to inform you of your arrival time and give you your basic pre-operative instructions. Don’t worry if you miss the call! We will leave a detailed message and you are welcome to call us back with any questions at 203.791.9557.

Here are the most important things you need to know the night before your surgery:


A registered nurse will call you the afternoon before your scheduled surgery to inform you of your arrival time. Please arrive promptly to the surgical center at the time given to you by the nurse.


Please ensure you have filled out your One Medical Passport form online. It is extremely important that we have your medical history prior to your arrival to best prepare for your surgery. If you cannot access One Medical Passport, call our center and ask to speak with a nurse who will go over this information with you.


Do not eat or drink anything after midnight. If you are scheduled for a late afternoon arrival, you may be able to ingest something in the morning, but please do not eat or drink until you have checked in advance with a WCOSC nurse.


If you take blood pressure or cardiac medications every morning, please take them with the smallest amount of water possible on the morning of your surgery. DO NOT TAKE medications for diabetes. If you have any questions about other medications, please ask us.


If your surgeon has requested that you get medical clearance from your doctor, please make sure you have done so prior to surgery. We must have that clearance to ensure you are medically stable to undergo surgery. Your primary care physician will also give you instructions about when to stop taking important medications, such as a blood thinner.


Please bring a picture ID, insurance card, and your copay (if applicable). If your surgeon has given you any equipment (walking boot, crutches, shoulder sling, etc.) or post-op instructions, please bring them with you as well.

Leave all of your valuables at home and please be sure to remove all jewelry/piercings prior to your arrival. If you wear glasses, contact lenses, hearing aids, or dentures, please bring a case for them.


Dress in loose, comfortable clothing and consider what part of the body is undergoing surgery when choosing your clothing. For example, if you are having surgery on your shoulder, a button up or zip-up shirt is a good choice. If you are having surgery on a knee, loose sweatpants or shorts are appropriate.


We recommend that you bathe with an antimicrobial soap, such as Dial, the night before or the morning of your surgery.


Make sure you have a safe and reliable ride home! If you need to take a taxi, please have someone accompany you. Our policy requires that you are accompanied by a responsible adult who will be here to understand your discharge instructions and make sure you get home safely as well.  Please plan on having someone stay overnight to help you after your surgery. This is especially important if you are taking pain medication or using crutches.